Fox 5 News!

Today, we were interviewed on live t.v. for the first time. To say that it was a surreal experience would be an understatement. To some, an interview on a local news station might not seem like the most exciting experiencing, but to three girls who have worked tirelessly on recording and editing episodes, planning content, and developing community-oriented ideas, this opportunity was beyond anything we could have hoped for.

As we stood in the area where we would be filmed, with microphones clipped onto our jeans, and  a film crew hustling around us, we were in awe. We reflected upon the beginning of our podcast: we were sitting on the floor of Esha’s bedroom, scrambling to record and upload a decent quality episode. We didn’t have a microphone or fancy editing software, so we placed Hannah’s iPhone on a pile of books, made sure there were as few exterior noises as possible, talked for half an hour, and then edited the episode on iMovie. Fast-forward to September, and we were standing in a news studio.

What we took away from this experience was that all it takes is effort. Even if you have the most seemingly out-of-reach goal, just take the first step. Our interview with Fox wouldn’t have occurred if we didn’t send the initial email. There is nothing to lose, only something to gain. If you don’t receive the desired response or opportunity, keep going.

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