Self Growth

Let’s talk about self-growth. This process of evolving into the person you want to be is comparable to the fluctuating pattern of a heart rate monitor. So. Many. Ups. And. Downs. We can feel on top of the world one second, and feel as if we’ve tumbled down a mountain in an avalanche the next second. So, what does it take to collect ourselves and embark on that upward mountain journey again?

Well, I don’t know exactly. 

However, I do know that the desire to persevere comes from somewhere within. It isn’t  dependent on exterior motivation, such as a successful public figure or person you want to impress. It is derived from the goal of simply being who you’ve always wanted to be and genuinely enjoying your life. In summary, your desire for change should be self-directed, not a result of someone wanting you to change.

As an example, I’ll share why I decided to purposely pursue self-growth: It was the beginning of eighth grade, and I realized that I approached life with a negative perspective. I always found someone/something to judge, criticize, and complain about. If I couldn’t find someone/something else, I would direct that negativity towards myself. Self-love? Nope, apparently I’d never heard of such a thing. To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you look at it), a friend of a friend told me that the first friend said I complained a lot. That was my wake up call. It allowed me to realize how poorly I treated myself and those around me. From that moment on, I increased my self-awareness; I evaluated what I was going to say before saying it outloud; I stopped talking badly about others. I did that not out of a desire for others to like me more or to be more like someone, but to be more like the person I knew I could be.

Those improvements didn’t occur immediately; they took place over the course of several years, and are continuing to develop at this moment. Although the process of gaining mindfulness and self-awareness was, and is, lengthy, it is so incredibly worth it. The reason I’m so adamant about inspiring self-growth within others is because it is honestly the best feeling ever, and everyone deserves to feel their best. 

And so, I encourage you to acknowledge your immense potential and pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come. Self-growth isn’t easy; but then again, nothing worth having comes easy. 

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