We are three teenage girls who launched a podcast titled “The Epic Theory’,” in July, with the purpose of empowering other teenagers. Our episodes, which are available on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, aim to motivate others to strive for success, invest in themselves, and live healthier lifestyles.

As high school students, we have experienced our fair share of insecurities and obstacles, and choose to share our thoughts with our international audience in order to uplift and inspire. Little did we know that our podcast, which was first recorded on an iPhone on the floor of one of our bedrooms, would land us a live interview on Fox News.

Our ambitions didn’t stop there. With every episode we recorded, a new idea was born. After establishing an official Instagram account (@TheEpicTheory) to market our podcast and launching stickers with the podcast’s name, we decided to expand our brand by partnering with local elementary schools to host uplifting events for the students.

We believe that instilling positive mindsets within the younger generation will lead to increased success and happiness; all we desire is a supportive community, enabling everyone to thrive. We constantly are coming up with new ideas and events, and are excited to see where our journey takes us!

Meet the Creators!

Hey! I’m Anastasia. My hobbies include a wide realm of activities. Whether it’s playing the ukulele, trying a different workout, or reading a new book, I’m always exploring new ways to step out of my comfort zone. As a co-host of this podcast, I’m fueled by my passion of discussing all aspects of life. I love challenging my personal perspective, as that allows me to grow. When I’m not podcasting, I’m spending my time outside in the sunshine, interning for This Is My Brave, and writing on my mental health blog, Stormy Thought. 

Hi I’m Esha! I enjoy a variety of things from being active and traveling to spending time with friends and family. I have always been a deep thinker who is constantly looking for ways to constantly improve as a student, friend, and daughter. I use this podcast as an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings about my perspective on life. Outside of the podcast, I continue to stay involved in community service to fulfill my goal of uplifting those around me.

Hi, my name is Hannah. When I’m not collaborating with my peers on our podcast, I love to hang outside with my friends, family, and dog. This podcast is a way for me to share my experiences with the world as I continue to grow. By leading as an example, I hope others will take a leap of faith and do something they are passionate about.