Ever wonder why you stop vibing with someone, or don’t vibe with them from the start? Perhaps it’s a case of misaligned values – a frequent barrier to cultivating healthy, authentic relationships. Check out this episode to learn more about the importance of establishing and enforcing personal values, and how to respectfully move on from relationships that no longer serve you.

The Epic Theory has reached our senior year in high school. Being the super duper wise high schoolers that we are, we decided to reflect upon our years pursuing the IB diploma, and compile a bunch of random advice (academic, personal, and social) for our lovely audience. Grab an oat milk matcha latte, a comfy blanket, and turn up the volume to hear all about what school has taught us, our perspective on education, and the life lessons we’ve learned during the past four years.

From starting their public speaking career in college to being recognized by Michelle Obama for their brand’s motto, “Life is all about what you have done for people,” Justin Graves boasts an impressive resume. After losing their leg mobility early in their childhood, Justin committed much of their work to advocate for people with disabilities and promote inclusivity within the workplace.

In this episode, we truly learn the meaning of “everything happens for a reason.” Hannah Carlson – founder of the female based events, production, and marketing agency, Fifth Bull –┬árecounts the incident that nearly took her life, and how she built a successful career in events planning afterwards. From personal anecdotes to heartfelt advice, Hannah maintains transparency as we discuss her career and personal fulfillment.

We’ve all experienced that awkward tension that arises when a conflict isn’t addressed. Perhaps we distance ourselves from the people we’re frustrated with, or maybe we find it difficult to initiate tough conversations. Whatever the situation may be, there is undoubtedly a lack of communication. Give this episode a listen to hear our take on the importance of communication and how we go about confrontation.

This week’s guest is Sienna Santer, a content creator with nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. On top of producing lifestyle and college content, she studies at Harvard University; oversees her own personal branding and social media marketing; and is on the executive board for Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. She shares the obstacles she’s faced while navigating college and her social media presence, as well as advice for those pursuing their passions with little support.

Have you ever been curious about the life of a songwriter living in Los Angeles? Have you ever been intrigued by those who built international brands because of the struggles they faced? Have you ever questioned whether mental illness and success could coincide? If so, give this second episode of the EpicxCreator series with Ilana Harkavy (Founder of The Just Girl Project) a listen.

For our first episode of the EpicxCreator series, we interviewed Made Lapuerta, founder of Data But Make It Fashion. She graduated from Harvard as a CS major earlier this month, and reflected upon her college career with us. She opened up about the adversity she encountered as a woman in STEM and how she gained confidence as an entrepreneur.

We live in an ultra-competitive environment where basically babies are taught code; 15-year-olds have their own companies; everyone is taking a million AP classes; teens are expected to balance sleep, school, hobbies, mental health, sports, and social life. To say we feel overwhelmed on occasion is an understatement. Give this episode a listen to hear how the three of us manage to maintain our sense of self and happiness while avoiding self-comparison and self-criticism.

In this solo podcast, Esha gives you a quarantine edition life update. New hobbies? New talents? New life? She covers it all. Although this has been a very unpleasant, uncertain time for us all, she shares ways to find the positives of this situation. Later, she goes into a deep dive on living in the moment and why it is so important! Give it a listen; it might change your perspective on how to live a happy life!

In this episode, Hannah explores different ways to structure your time. We all know it can be challenging to find effective methods that prompt productivity, so Hannah provides some insight based on what has worked for her. From setting up a separate work space to changing your clothes, she covers it all. These methods are applicable to everyone, so give it a listen if you are looking for help structuring your afternoons, weekends, or your entire week.

In this individual episode, Anastasia shares a personal journal entry which prompted her to take greater control of her life. How did she reverse the lack of passion, motivation, and happiness she had? Check this episode out if you’re interested in turning your life around and pursuing self-growth.

A month ago, we were just going about our everyday lives – going to school, hanging out with friends, studying for the SATs, playing sports, etc. We would have never imagined that our junior year in high school would come to an end in March. Check out this episode to learn about the rapid changes occurring in the world as a result of COVID-19, and how three high school girls are dealing with it.

Plastic surgery, braces, and perfectionism? What do we think about confidence? In this episode, we discuss all things confidence-related and the ways through which people alter themselves to gain that greater self-esteem.

It’s almost March, so clearly we’re a little late on the “2019 in review,” but here it is anyway! Listen to our recap of 2019, in which we reflect upon our Fox News interview, Dream Big event, and other milestones.

As this was recorded during our holiday break, we decided to take a brief break from jumping straight into motivation, and start off with a discussion about conspiracy theories instead. Somehow, a discussion about Pangea and life after death transitioned to the topic of ambition and drive. Click “play” and enjoy this oddball episode!

In today’s episode, we discuss the insane technological transitions that have occurred in the past decade. Have phones hindered our personal progress, or have they simply changed the way we spend our time? Will future generations lack interpersonal skills that are crucial to societal productivity, or will they develop new forms of communication? Get comfortable and take a listen.

We all experience stress at one point or another. The overwhelming pressure of a demanding job, the endless homework agenda, or a toxic friendship can all cause our brains to feel cloudy and helpless. How do we deal with it? What causes it? Take a listen and find out.

How do we handle 9 hours of sitting in a classroom nearly everyday? How do we find ways to enjoy learning? How do we live our lives in a way that creates meaning and positive impact? Dedicate half an hour to discovering the answers to these questions, and possibly finding your own answers regarding your role in society.

We put a little twist on this episode – this time, we interviewed a band by a group of our school’s very own students. These guys were a pleasure to work with, and shared some ridiculous stories about weird encounters at their gigs. Refresh yourself with this laid back, raw conversation with Kacey, Edwin, Charlie, and Elijah…aka Fourth Electric. If four high school students pursuing their passions doesn’t encourage you to do what you love, we don’t know what will!

We all have been in that place. You know, that comfortable spot in which most people reside, never venturing beyond their established borders? It’s hard to overcome our fear of failure or disappointment. It’s hard to push and work on yourself every single day. In this episode, we discuss exactly why you should face your fears and pursue something that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. There’s a whole new world out there when you break out of your shell.

Listen as we inquire about what it means to live life purposefully. How can we obtain meaning in our everyday routines? We explore the reasons behind our own passions for life and why we even bother waking up in the mornings. Dedicate 30 minutes of your day to navigate the profound question of living with an aim.

In honor of “back-to-school” season, we’re bringing you an episode all things high school. Listen as we reflect upon on our first two years and share our thoughts on the upcoming ten months. For any freshmen – we’ve got advice for you!

Listen to us explore the hefty question of “What are our passions?” and describe how we maintain motivation in our lives. As teens, we’re faced with the responsibility of determining our future by our present actions. From schoolwork to hobbies, we’re constantly shaping ourselves into who we will be years from now. So, how do we do it? How do we find the motivation to keep pushing? It gets a tad bit personal.

In today’s episode, we discuss the prevalent question of “How do we create the future of our dreams?” We share our own experience with visualization and positive thinking as we delve deep into the concept of the Law of Attraction. Sit back, relax, and prepare for some trippy tricks to your ideal life.

Hellooo! Welcome to Epic with a “K,” a podcast hosted by Anastasia, Hannah, and Esha. Turn the volume up, sit back and relax, or go for a jog while listening to 3 teens discuss all things relationships, law of attraction, energy, and creating the future of your choice.